Welcome Container admin!

We are trying to provide some useful info, tips&tricks for you - as tracking data Container administrator.

This page is actually developed together with you! If you have any questions or notes just drop us a mail at support@keytiles.com and your question + answer might land up here.

Content of this page

Get notified!

We are building a mailing list server now because we would like to establish some communication channel following the pub-sub pattern to make announcements. Subscribing is voluntery of course but recommended as tracking data Container admin. Because that way you will get notifications about:

  • planned maintenance works
  • incidents and status updates
  • published new features / important changes

Please check back later - we will publish the "how to" info here as soon as list server is ready!

Tips & Tricks

On boarding your colleagues

Soon we provide some tips ...

Using Keytiles TileView on unattended machines (projectors)

We created a detailed "how-to", just find that in our Using Keytiles TileView on unattended machines article!