Welcome Data Container admin!

We are trying to provide some useful info, tips&tricks for you - as tracking Data Container administrator.

This page is actually developed together with you! If you have any questions or notes just drop us a mail at support@keytiles.com and your question + answer might land up here.

Content of this page

Get notified!

We are building a mailing list server now because we would like to establish some communication channel following the pub-sub pattern to make announcements. Subscribing is voluntery of course but recommended as tracking data Container admin. Because that way you will get notifications about:

  • planned maintenance works
  • incidents and status updates
  • published new features / important changes

Please check back later - we will publish the "how to" info here as soon as list server is ready!

Tips & Tricks

On boarding your colleagues

To grant access to someone to your Keytiles stats follow these steps:

  1. Ask your colleague(s) to visit https://gui.keytiles.com/system/ and create an account there. So register as user.
  2. Ask them to share the e-mail address (this is their user name basically) they used to register with you
  3. You can go to the Container settings you want to grant access to, go to the "Users" tab, and simply add a new user - pasting the email address, choose their role
  4. Save the changes - you are done
  5. Ask your colleague to verify if (s)he sees the container now

Using Keytiles TileView on unattended machines (projectors)

We created a detailed "how-to", just find that in our Using Keytiles TileView on unattended machines article!

Excluding yourself from the tracking

Sometimes it is a problem - especially on lower traffic sites - that if you (or your colleague) visit your own website Keytiles is also tracking your own clicks.

Good to know that it is possible that you (or your colleague) can exclude himself from tracking easily!

To do that you need to bring up the built in "Keytiles tracking setup" window and simply disallow tracking. We documented here how to bring up this setup window - follow the steps!

note: you have to do this on all devices / browsers you want to exclude from tracking!