Welcome to Keytiles!

an ethical decision support tool
backed by real time web analytics data.

Say GOODBYE to complicated interfaces
and HELLO to easier decision making!

Keytiles is tracking...

... the usual things like:

  • unique page views
  • length of visit sessions
  • “returning” vs “new” visitors
  • number of visit sessions
  • bouncers
  • external sources
  • browsers, languages
  • screen size distribution

etc etc etc... and a few more exciting things like:

  • orientation changes
    * visitor rotates the device
  • effective window size
  • bot visit recognition
    * “good bots” only
  • browser tab tracking

but what really makes Keytiles different…

… compared to similar tools is that for Keytiles your content is not just a flat list of URLs. But Keytiles is tracking your content structure too!

This enables our TileView to go with the Treemap visualization which is simply as is much better and faster understandable by humans - compared to endless list of URLs.


So you get a colorful, intuitive overview
about "what is going on now?" all along the day 24/7 

No sampling! Long history!

We measure every single action which is generated by your visitors. So you can make your decisions based on high data quality!

We store your tracking data for

  • 3 days* - at minutely resolution level
  • 1 month* - at hourly resolution level and
  • 6 months* - at daily resolution level,

which you can access any point in time! 

* by default - setting can be discussed/changed


Segregated tracking

Keytiles splits the collected metrics based on the data sources they came from.

Which means you can see and query Desktop browser, Mobile browser - or if you integrate your own sources like your iOS/Android App traffic too then those as well - activity separately.

And a small bonus: we do recognize Bots as well - bot visits are collected as a separate data source!

Keytiles supported flows and features

Based on the structured metrics we collect Keytiles can provide you with

  • The TileView – a perfect real time decision support tool
  • Usual dashboards with graphs / lists based overview – suitable for mostly post analysis


And more is coming like

  • Custom event tracking
  • Micro-conversion support
  • Campaign tracking
  • Visitor flow analysis - over your internal content *
  • A-B testing possibilities - backed by the visitor flow analysis
  • Improved "time spent" metrics - by adding possibility for "page pings"
    see: more details here

Stay tuned, check our News area!

Keytiles is following “API first” approach …

... which means even our own UIs are using the same API endpoints which you can as well if you wish to integrate with Keytiles.

Gain extra value by connecting your apps / server side logic with the data Keytiles knows regarding your traffic!

We have

Hit Collection API

write api

Send in traffic from your native apps/readers or even servers. Assign traffic-sources so you can see stats segregated.


Query API


Query the real time metrics of your content and use them on your server side logic – any ways you can imagine!


Management API

management api

Even integrate Keytiles user accounts with your internal user system - if you wish. Get Container reports or modify settings.


 You find everything at one place on our Keytiles APIs page

Sounds good / interesting so far?

Request a free trial or a demo!

We are very welcome to help you to set up your free trial or show you what Keytiles can do!

For now unfortunately the free trial process is not yet automated. It will be soon! But until this happens just contact us with one of the options below:

note: We stopped doing "contact forms" and other mechanisms - making many things hidden in the background. The above buttons are simply preparing an e-mail in your default e-mail application - making everything transparent.

Pricing, subscription plans

We are not providing our subscription plans based on features … No no no!

Every subscription plan has every feature enabled! The only thing matters is: how much resources of our servers you use!

Adjust the below slider according to your needs - and check the price!

Small traffic sites
Max hits:1.000 per day
Monthly estimate: ~30.000 hits
Monthly price: 2 EUR
+20% VAT

The support includes extra service from our side helping you to get the max out from Keytiles. E.g. we keep an eye on your website tracking errors/warnings and notify you in case of big problems - personalizing our alert for your website content for better understanding. You can also ask questions and help regarding how to implement this or that on your site, etc. 

GDPR and Data Handling policy

We are in Germany, Europe – so we do know GDPR pretty well and we take it very seriously!

To cut the long story short - Keytiles is fully GDPR compliant!

  • We do NOT collect / store any sensitive information regarding tracking your site traffic
    not even temporarily...
  • We dot NOT share any data / information with any other parties
    We don't need that! Our business is built around fair subscription fees...
  • We do NOT connect tracking data of different websites - it is a no go
  • We do use <=1 (!) Cookie only  - even this 1 is only to reach 100% accuracy...
    we still remain close to 100% if we use 0 Cookies
  • We do anonymize data - like IP Addresses

You find much more detailed information in our GDPR & Privacy policy section.