Advanced tracking script techniques

In the Getting started article you saw how to add the Keytiles Tracking to your site - basic way. Here we collected some use cases to learn more advanced techniques. Ready? Then let's go!

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Pure API reference

You can find the full pure API reference documentation here: Tracking Script API - reference Enjoy!

Generating hits from JavaScript

It is very often necessary to take over control and fire hits - maybe also altered / customized / or fully built - from JavaScript. If you have a website for example which is not doing full page loads always but partially / fully loading content dynamically into the page then you must implement firing the hit.

In our Sending hits programmatically from JavaScript article you can learn how to do this! 

Adding tracking to "one pager" pages

Typical scenario now days. Visitor is scrolling through the page - new and new sections appearing. There is no page load - just scroll.

With the basic installation of the tracking the "subsection visits" would not be visible in Keytiles - however probably you might be interested in the stats there as well.

In our  Adding Keytiles tracking to a "one-pager" page you can find a possible way to do this!