New features delivery - Milestone 1

published: 2022-04-10

With adding extreme configurability to our storage layer (see Huge step in keeping Keytiles highly available) and moving to Hetzner Cloud (see Cloud migration - complete!) we are finally stable and confident enough to really start to work on features - without risking existing ones and the whole system - and add new things to Keytiles!

We phrased a plan and organized delivery into 5 Milestones - which we would like to deliver in order.

Here is what is coming in Milestone 1:

  • Introduce custom events
    So you can define your own events and get them tracked by Keytiles. Things like clicking a certain button (maybe your login button?). Or track when a purchase has happened. Or whatever you can think of! This will lead us to the possibility of track so called "micro conversions" too!
  • Significantly enhance traditional dashboarding
    So far we were mostly focusing on our TileView. But the fact is that for "post analysis" purposes, and/or leverage your custom events we need charts, graphs and lists too. Just like other analytics solutions. 
    We want to do it the way that
    • We give you the ability to fully define your graphs and charts by yourself. Organize them into your personal dashboards and let you share these things with colleagues too or let the Container admins to promote your charts to Container level. And most importantly: keep all of this super intuitive and simple! 
    • We want to introduce a brand new API called "Graph API". This would work on the top of our Query API but optimized for returning data suitable to immediately visualize on graphs. Anyone can integrate with Keytiles this way from other systems to get nice chart-ready data.
  • Increase our data granularity and segmentation possibilities drastically
    This will let you see the behavior of your visitors who are coming from different sources. For example from Social sites. Or even more specifically: from Facebook (so 2nd level of the source will be supported)

This is lots of work and can contain surprises here and there - so release date will be announced later!