New data storage supporting custom events is live - QueryAPI v2 coming!

published: 2022-11-14

During this Spring we announced plans about delivering new features.

New Storage engine

Now we are happy to announce that one of the biggest background work is done! We have completely re-structured our storage engine which is designed the way to support custom events!

This is not the only change in the storage engine. Here is the full log:

  • Event based tracking - with custom events
    So far Keytiles was a bit ancient... It just tracked "page views"... But from now we switched to event based tracking and introduced more. You can send
    • pageview (default, by our tracking script)
    • view
    • download
    • upload
    • login
    • logout
    • .. and any custom named events, e.g. "subscribe-button-click" or "user-registration-complete" or what ever you can think of!
  • Segmentation of visit sources
    To put this to human readable form: the long awaited answer for "which articles are visited from Facebook?" question is coming!
  • Support for tileLanguage
    Keytiles will track numbers separated / different languages of your content.
  • Enhanced GDPR related features
    From now Keytiles keeps track separately the number of events came from visitors who did not agree to the device ID cookie. For these visitors we still can track generated events but we can not build VisitSession and from now we will now it. These hits will be excluded from the "new vs returning" and "bounce vs non-bounce" metrics and our UIs will show these numbers separately so you can always see how much percentage of your visitors are not consenting.
  • Pluginable structure
    In the future we can add new data collection/storage structures (extend) much easier. Which will shorten the delivery time significantly of adding new features related to the collected data.

Hit Collection API v1.1 is also released

Since from now we support eventType and tileLanguage we also updated our related API. Check Hit Collection API v1.1 here!

By the way... We moved our public OpenApi contracts to Github. You can find the repository here:

Query API v2.0 - coming!

To leverage the new data we need to publish new Query API too. This is coming!

Feel free to take an early look here: Query API v2.0

But please note this is a "work in progress"!