Payments & Invoicing

How does invoicing and payment flow work?

You pay on Data Container level - once a month. The flow looks like the following:

  1. Payment request is generated
    When the time comes Keytiles automatically generates a Payment request based on the Subscription plan set in your Data Container. After this users with the appropriate role in your Data Container are notified via e-mail about this Payment request.
  2. Payment
    Customer fulfills the Payment request by paying the required amount of money. Currently could happen via self made bank transfer or Paypal - it is up to you.
    Every Payment request has a unique identifier - this identifier(s) must be used in the comment field of the Payment method. This is how we can connect the money transfer with Payment request(s).
  3. Invoicing
    As soon as Keytiles detects an arrived payment an invoice is generated and sent to the users via e-mail who received the Payment request. This invoice is suitable for taxation and book keeping.

Done. So simple like that.

Please note: 

Data on invoices

The invoice is generated with the following data:

  • Seller
    Attila Wind - IT Consultancy and Services, 82031 Gr├╝nwald, Gabriel-von-Seidl-Str 75., Germany - EU tax number: DE325598829
  • Items:
    Detailed list of all the services / Data Container the Payment request was generated for - name and their monthly unit price multiplied by the number of units. Net amount and the Gross amount, including tax amount is clearly visible

Any questions?

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