Pure container traffic is now visible on the UI

published: 2021-10-05

To clarify a bit: of course you see the traffic of your website in Keytiles. That's not a big surprise right? Then "what is this about exactly?" - you may ask.

Valid question! So let us quickly answer!

The traffic you see on Keytiles is called "unique pageview". Where unique means that if for example a reader of your site

  • keeps pressing the "Refresh" button on PageA OR
  • goes to PageA then goes to PageB from here then pressing the "Back" button of the browser goes back to PageA again 

Keytiles is just counting 1 as a visit on PageA. This is the "unique pageview". However Keytiles obviously received all the hits. He just decided to filter this out for you in your numbers. The point is: raw traffic Keytiles receives from your website is always >= counters values you see. And this could be a problem because when you choose your Subscription plan obviously the raw (or pure) traffic you need to opt for.

From now this became visible for Container admins on the GUI - showing the past 30 days raw traffic on a graph.

Just go to the "Container List" and find the icon "Manage subscription" (yes, later you will be able to manage your subscription plan from here too self-service fashion!)