Go to Cloud! Another step in keeping Keytiles highly available

published: 2021-12-02

Recently we took a huge step towards increasing high availability of Keytiles service: we touched our Cassandra storage layer the way it gives us much more freedom to manage resource shortage or being able to experiment with new features without risking the already existing ones health. You can read the news entry here: Huge step in keeping Keytiles highly available

Now we realized it is not enough in itself. Because to really benefit from this system flexibility we also need to be able any point in time to quickly get server machines and bring up a storage cluster on them. This should be achievable even within a few hours so we can really use this possibility even in a critical situation to prevent system outage.

Therefore we decided to migrate our backend into Hetzner Cloud!

We are with Hetzner since the beginning but so far we were using dedicated servers. But we realised earlier that due to Corona the shipping of ordered dedicated servers has drastically slowed down. It can take even weeks to get them. And this does not meet with our expectations anymore. Luckily in the meantime Hetzner seriously evolved in Cloud area and they give a very nice (and cheaper) alternative to others like AWS or Azure. So we decided to go with them.

You will not recognize anything on your side this is 100% a background activity!

If we can achieve this milestone as well then we are complete and we have more than enough options in case of an emergency to avoid system outage reaching you!