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What is Keytiles Analytics?

Keytiles is used by website owners to track the performance of the website content. It is collecting statistical data for them meaning: which content was visited how many times, when, how long readers stayed there, etc. With this web analytics (statistical) data at hand the website owners can develop / optimize their website and its content to be more efficient, better, more exciting or easier to be navigated for you.

Keytiles data-handling policy

Keytiles is developed in Europe, where GDPR was born. And we at Keytiles are taking this very seriously!

The website owners to get good quality, statistically relevant information / feedback about their content performance do NOT need to know who you are at all!

Therefore we designed Keytiles the way it gives this guarantee for you (the visitor) 100%. Regardless who is using Keytiles (as website owner) it is simply impossible to violate this.

Bit more details you find here:  Keytiles system GDPR & Privacy policy - About visitor tracking related data collection and handling policy

So, what would Keytiles know about me then?

Let's sum it up for you!

  1. Keytiles in the "worst case" (from as visitor perspective) might place a small, randomly generated identifier (ID-Cookie) into your web browser.
    The purpose of this Cookie is that Keytiles might recognize your web browser during visits you make to the website which would highly increase the quality of statistical data website owners can get from Keytiles. From this moment, obviously it is the interest of website owners to push you into this direction. If they are playing nice instead of "just doing it behind the scenes" (well, they can...) websites might display consent banners (especially for visitors coming from Europe due to GDPR) for you, asking your permission to allow this Cookie. If it happens when you make your decision you should consider the following:
    1. This ID-Cookie we mentioned above is
      1. limited to the visited website
        as it strictly belongs to the domain name of the visited website (1st party cookie we place).
      2. limited to the web browser
        you are using for the visit (so your home computer, work computer, mobile phone, etc). This guarantee comes from the technical limitations how Cookies are working in general.
    2. In practice the above limitations of this ID-Cookie - even if it is present - means that a) if you visit another (different) website tracked by Keytiles OR b) visiting the same website but with different browsers/devices of yours (e.g. your home computer, your work computer or your mobile phone) then your ID-Cookie will be different in each scenarios and there is simply no way to connect / merge them again. Not even we at Keytiles can do this. Which guarantees website owners also can not do this for sure.
  2. Your IP address is anonymized!
    In practice this means it is impossible to trace back your 100% exact physical location or concrete device anymore. Keytiles will still have an approximate about your location though (e.g. in which city or district you were) which is really more than enough for us and the website owners statistically speaking!

Based on the above even in super-paranoid mode we can safely say: personally, Keytiles knows nothing... You remain completely anonymous as a person.

What should I do when a website is asking for my consent / permission to track me?

It is your decision! But what we can tell you in this case to make your choice easier is the following:

  1. First of all: this is a good sign!
    Because this shows that the website owner cares about your privacy. Technically speaking they don't have to, they could just track you silently. This has happened in the past as common practice but luckily things are slowly changing.
  2. Please read the above section: "So, what would Keytiles know about me then?"!
    It is important (if this question is important for you) because regardless if the website owner is playing nice or less nice game that section sums up the guarantees we - as Keytiles - could give you!
  3. Please consider the fact: by giving your consent you will help a lot to the website owner!
    Because they will get statistically much better, relevant and useful information about how "the visitors" are using their content. Knowing the concrete person (you) behind the data they don't need for this quality at all. So, we - as Keytiles - do not give them this, don't worry! And in return over time you might get simply a better experience from that website.

Opening / using Keytiles setup window

If our tracking script is present in a website it is possible to pull up a setup on that website for you - as visitor!

Keytiles will show you the active settings and you can also change those settings. And this is something we guarantee you as Keytiles - website owners can not turn this mechanism off!

To activate the setup window do the following:

  1. Go to the main page of website in your web browser
  2. Once site is loaded, edit the URL (the address of the website)
  3. Go to the end of the URL and append "#kt-setup" to it - then hit enter and let the page reload.
    The setup window should come up.
  4. If it did not work then just edit the URL again and try to remove the "#" character - hit enter again, let the page reload
    Did it work?
  5. Are you sure website is using Keytiles?? The above just works if our tracking code is in the website... Drop us a mail at and send us which website it is and we contact you back.

Still interested in more details?

You might find out more here: Keytiles system GDPR & Privacy policy

Or simply drop us a mail at